Happiness Through Heart Wrenching Circumstances

Today I want to talk about Happiness.  Happiness as shown through heart wrenching circumstances. 

I first got to know Alexander Goodwin’s story through Twitter in about 2016. I have followed Alex and his journey since then. I am always amazed at his sweet and kind nature and his unfaltering bravery through his illness.  His illness is his story to tell and you can find it on Twitter @Alexs_journey and on the internet at Alexanders-Journey.com.  

Alex’s journey is documented in his first book, Alexander’s Journey

His second book is called Murray and Alex’s Little Book of Happiness which is by Psychologist and Master Coach Anita Morris

He has a wonderfully strong support system consisting of his family and many others.  Alexander lives in the UK and gets treatment for his cancer both there and in Kansas City.  

Do yourself a favor and get to know Alex. 

He has a spirit that is infectious.  His love of animals is real.  His grit is undeniable. You will be glad you did   He is a beacon of light and happiness