Love Meets Life – Serving Kindness and Compassion

Gary and I have had several family and friends ask what items are still needed for our Christmas meal and distributions. The proceeds from the sale of my book Love Meets Life when purchased at are used to fund the monthly distribution.

Many of you donated to our Thanksgiving meal distribution and have already donated to Christmas.  This is something we’ve made a commitment to do monthly. 

We are including meal specifics as well as everyday needs.  You can donate by having items delivered through Amazon or other shopping service, you can drop off at our home, we can do a porch pick up from you if local. You can also donate via Zelle or PayPal and advise what you would like your donation to be used towards. Donations can be given for specific items or general use if you want us to use towards any items needed.  

Our Christmas Ham dinner will include a ham meal as well as other items that can be consumed beyond that day. 

We have the ham for this distribution already as well as bread for sandwiches and some snack items. 

We are also including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again.  We have peanut butter and are restocking our jelly at this time. 

We also include various items that are everyday essentials.  

In addition, if you have cold weather gear like hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, socks  they are much needed – please be sure they are not torn or stained. 

Also, the foldable zippered insulated small lunch bags we provided at Thanksgiving were very much appreciated so we are looking for those on end cap and bargain stores again.

We have a couple of boxes that we fill with items as we find them or as they are donated to us.

We usually buy at Sam’s , Costco, Amazon, Walmart, Target – sometimes items at local chain grocery and the Dollar type stores just where we can get the most for the money. 

Most of these outlets you can purchase online  for delivery or pick up.  We’d like to have by December 20th.   If you can’t donate by then, it’s ongoing monthly so feel free to donate anytime. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.  Thanks in advance

Here is our sample list from Amazon.

Items can be shipped or dropped off at 1031 S Cape Ct, Gilbert, AZ 85233. If you’d like to arrange for us to do porch pick up from you, let us know.  

Thank you in advance 

By the way if you’re loving our Love Glasses, you can get them at