Love Meets Life – December

To everyone that purchased Love Meets Life at, donated food, clothing, cash, here are some images and video of exactly how much you’ve been able to help.

Your love, kindness & generosity helped make the monthly distribution for December a success! You can’t even see it all! Food items, drink items, flashlights, gloves, hats, shirts, jackets, sweaters and much, much more! Here is a quick video we shot of the preparations as well as some photos of the holiday ham sandwich packs as well as PBJ packs and homemade holiday treats that will be included.

Thanks to Terri Jennings who gets the donations to those in need – she helps every single day! She wanted us to share her video message.

Thank You to Michelle Cason, Susan Santare, Karen Bradford, Jason Bradford , Susan Garn, Lane Flynn, Marianne Hudspeth, Jackie Vaughn Clark and those whose donations went for Thanksgiving donation. We also had an anonymous donation with dried beans, beans & rice etc that the individual wanted to share.

Gary & I have committed to a monthly donation distribution and the next one will be mid to late January. We feel truly blessed to be able to coordinate our contribution with those who donate to make sure that we help those who are in need. If you’d like to help for January, we welcome your participation. God bless you all, and God bless Terri who is their angel. ????❄️❤️