Be Bold: Available Now!

From Kyra Schaefer, the editor of Ordinary Oneness, Wisdom Keepers, Whispers From the Heart and Own Your Awesome, comes the latest compilation featuring Patricia Holgate Haney: Be Bold: You Were Never Meant to Fit In.

In the book you will discover your true boldness! To expand into unexpected possibilities is a gift. These adventurers, authors and personal development coaches help you to Be Bold in new and wonderful ways!

What you will find on these pages:

  • How to incorporate self-love through the most trying of times and challenges
  • Take steps outside of your comfort zone through trust
  • Make meaning from other cultures to expand your personal awareness
  • How to Be Bold as an introvert
  • Heal old wounds and trauma

Patricia’s chapter is entitled: Be Bold. Be Authentic. Take a Chance

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